Oregon, USA
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “By putting your mind in neutral, you become the observer of your thoughts. It is quite a different experience than when your mind automatically and quite randomly generates thoughts that distract you and side-track you from tending to your abilities to think more ‘meaning-fully” and ingeniously.

“Which type of thinking do you entertain? The decision is all yours. Have you ever tried to go in the Stillness after setting the cutting-edge intention to harvest good thoughts? Why don’t you give it a try and see for yourself the benefit of such a practice? It will indeed ‘revolutionize’ your thinking—in the right way.

“Your thoughts define your human experience. Reflections of a high caliber keep you spellbound. Their shimmering essence gets your undivided attention, causing you to lose all sense of time and space—a similar experience you have when immersed in a page-turner. You take a leave of absence from your down-to-earth reality while fully engrossed in the rich plot.

“Your mind is a thought-manufacturer. If allowed to roam unsupervised, it will ‘mindlessly’ produce low-grade thoughts that will fail to retain your attention for very long. On the other hand, it will hold it captive if you ‘mindfully’ screen its output to zoom in on thought materials that will act as catalysts for high-octane thinking.

“It does require many practice-runs. As well, you can take advantage of My Expertise. As your Thought Adjuster, I am devoted to helping you elevate your thinking. I dwell within your mind and, upon your request, I will seed it with 'perennial' thought-forms that have a high life expectancy, and will also bring forth the next generations of higher thinking.”