Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “There is a good reason why it is so important to drain your mind from any stray thoughts before you enter into the Stillness and to focus your attention on the subtle emotional field of your heart. 

“Indeed, once your mind gets out of the way with its distracting interferences, you can fully immerse yourself into the sublime realm of peace—having left behind the unsettling nervous energies so prevalent on your world. 

“This is what is so magical with the Stillness practice.  Amidst emotional storms, you can access your personal haven of peace—your Divine Anchorage—and regroup.  As well, you can spend quality time with your needy heart that was subjected to great neglect and emotional abuse while your mind acted as a control freak, depriving it of the breathing space it needs to strive.

“Dear ones, the access door to the Divine is your heart.  Your mind may draw you a map.  Yet, you have to follow the leadings of your heart, as the Divine is Love and Love is an emotional connection—never a mental one.  You cannot summon love mentally.  You can only entice it by tuning in your ‘love frequencies’. 

“By doing so daily, you will witness the personal miracles that Love works into your life, as Love is a powerful force of positive metamorphosis.”