Oregon, US of A
Monday, June 22, 2020

“. . . many who are inwardly sure about God fear to assert such feelings of certainty because of the multiplicity and cleverness of those who assemble objections and magnify difficulties about believing in God.”  [UB 102:7:6]

Thought Adjuster: “There are two types of Earthlings:  those who know God and those who do not.  The ‘knowers’ wish to shape their lives according to the enlightening input of their Divine Indweller, which is always mutually beneficial, as it abides by universal moral standards.  The existential Divinity wishes to harvest your experiential street-smartness, independently of the residential neighborhood where the whims of fate ‘domiciled’ you.

Getting to know God is a profoundly transformative personal experience—both emotionally and spiritually. His Magnetic Personality appeals to life in you—inspiring all of it.  You grow spiritually from this intimate communion with the Fragment of the Great I Am that became your life buddy at your first moral decision.

Your emotional life prospers through regular spiritual encounters with the Divine—a God of positive emotions, whose love is off-the-chart.  The more you entertain optimism and gratitude, the fitter your inner world becomes for His Gracious Majesty.

Because you are a spirit in a physical body, your divine activation will be beautifully reflected in your outer reality, supporting His Agenda of cosmic-wide dissemination of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—a forever ongoing creative process due to His eternal nature.

From this perspective, how blessed are those who wisely set time aside to KNOW their Maker.  How foolish are those who squander their energetic quota attacking the faith of those who thrive because their soul's thirst is quenched by the living waters to which all have unlimited access!

Everyone would be so much better off by taking the word of those who KNOW, instead of being swayed by the pretentious poker face of ignorance that strips life from its higher purpose. 

Fear is incompatible with a genuine God experience.  Just as oil and water do not mix, fear and love have nothing in common. You may think you have a spiritual life, but if it is fear-driven, it is a sad illusion that does not serve your highest good—the coming to fruition of your Higher Self.”