Oregon, US of A
Sunday, July 19, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Your thoughts bubble up in a continuous stream and take you on many tangents whenever your mind operates in a roaming mode. At times, some stray thought captures its attention, and, like a bird of prey, it goes on a hunting expedition, zooming on this thought-provoking topic.  Once apprehended, it dives into it in search of nutrients of higher understanding.

By necessity, many thoughts are practical, guiding you to meet your day-to-day living requirements.  Others end with a question mark that prompts you to proactively scout for their matching answers.

You may think that you generate all your thinking.  Such is not the case.  Thoughts bounce back and forth in human interactions and your telepathic dealings with invisible spiritual realities. 

“Ask, and you shall receive,” is at the onset of such a rich educational process.  Each question shines a spotlight on a different angle of the subject matter.  Whenever you feel frustrated by what you perceive as a lack of progress, shelve your project for a while. 

Folk wisdom tells you to ‘sleep on it,’ ‘take the advice of your pillow,’ and that ‘night is the mother of counsel.’ It bears witness to the relevance of a strategic time-out that gives time for thoughts to mature—through their chemistry, or in synergy with other subtle catalysts. The coveted answer may pop up when you least expect it, seemingly out of nowhere.

Thoughts can be drafted and edited at will.  Such is the beauty of the imaginative mind.  By following to the end a thread or a train of thought, you will decide whether or not to move on to the implementation phase.  It is what diligent researchers do.”