Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever the element of stress in your life becomes so unbearable that it destabilizes you mentally, emotionally, and even physically, you can call on Me, as My Mission Statement is to Monitor, Adjust, and Control your thinking—to act as your Thought Processor.

“Whenever you reach your wit’s end after having done your 100%, and it does not suffice to bring a positive resolution to your challenges, it is My clue to step in—upon your heartfelt asking. 

“Our destinies will merge someday, as we shall fuse into one being.  Can you fathom what it entails?  What exponential creative force will be unleashed when we pool our 100%?  Ponder it for a moment. 

“Even now, in your moments of turmoil, we are in it together.  I have been with you ever since you took your first moral decision, and I will be with you forever and ever unless you abort your embryonic soul either by deliberately choosing iniquity over righteousness or by turning down the proffered option for eternal life. 

“It is why I am already part of your reality—if you let Me in.  It may take you some time to process what you are going through, as the storms of planetary life frequently rattle your cage—your thinking, your feelings, your overall energetic system.  Therefore, it should be your foremost priority to regain inner peace, as it is your optimal operating platform, whereas turmoil can turn out to be a Petri dish for dysfunction.  Keep it in mind and take refuge in My Peaceful Harbor whenever you are under emotional duress.  It is our meeting place and your recharging station.  From this place of peace, I will coach you to reenter your life with a more confident stride.”