Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Many interpersonal relationships are abrasive. Nevertheless, there may yield positive byproducts, as they act like refining sandpaper. It is a necessary process when imperfect personalities rub against each other.

“There are then two possible outcomes, as you so frequently witness on your world. One of the involved parties gets victimized by the coarse grain of the emotional sandpaper applied to it, or the sandpaper loses its harsh grain in the polishing process, thus benefiting both the polisher and the polished—and vice versa, as relationships are mutual and the roles are interchangeable.

“Many are those who give up during that demanding process, failing to understand that, even though it is quite unpleasant, it is highly beneficial. How else could change take place when the parties are locked in a status quo. It may preserve some appearance of peace, but it is mostly a cease-fire, not a peace treaty.

“Those who live in reclusion deprive themselves of growth opportunities. They live in a sterile comfort zone that fails to challenge them to remedy their character flaws proactively.

 “Whenever you hit a rough relational patch, rather than complaining, search for its rainbow bridge. What does it teach you? How does it mold your character? Will you allow the situation to make you bitter and escalate the level of hostilities, or will you interpret it as a much-needed personal wake-up call—a catalyst for beneficial changes? Never forget that YOU are in charge of your life.”