Oregon, US of A
Saturday, October 31, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “As your indwelling divine Fragment, I am a part of you as much as I am a part of the Father. I bridge both experiential planes. You initiate me to the human condition while I sensitize you to your superhuman status.  It is a simple as that. 

Through this three-way partnership, we form an initial trinity.  You become increasingly attuned to me, who is at-one with the Father. It is how we make headways toward our celebratory fusion into oneness—emerging as a glorified being that will receive its custom-fitted marching orders from the Power-that-Is.

Until then, you are in apprenticeship, and I am your loving mentor—helping you develop your character to its full potentials so that you can devote your eternal life to cosmic service.

Connect with me consciously.  Even though my Still Small Voice is inaudible to your physical, auditory sense, it is authentic.  I speak to you telepathically, either by downloading meaningful thought packages in your receptive mind or nudging you forward with subtle prompts.

As a Fragment of the Father, I partake in the benevolent Mystery Monitors' network.  We are of one heart and one mind—forever-focused on the highest good. We collaborate as Emergency Responders, seizing each golden opportunity to enlist our charges as proxies to reach out to others in their times of need.

Take pride in the fact that you are instrumental in implementing the divine will.  Right now, it is all about healing your world so that it can leave its brokenness behind and inaugurate its long-awaited era of Renaissance where it will blossom in truth, beauty, and goodness—the brilliant manifestations of love in action.”