Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Relax in Me! I Am your Safe Haven. I have no other agenda than your Highest Good. I detain the blueprint of your glorious destiny. I am both the key and the doorway to your little patch of Heaven. By turning within and communing with Me, you get to enjoy the blissful quality of Heaven on Earth—Heaven in you.

“Why would you overlook such an incredible opportunity and persist in living a mundane life that is not rooted in the spiritual reality of your livelihood? By doing so, you fail to live your life to the fullest.

“You have a physical, mental, emotional, and etheric body. Are you alive and well at each one of these embodiments? If you answer with a resounding “Yes,” you are indeed leading a successful and meaningful life.

“If your answer is uncertain, then, you do not have yet come into your own. Doesn’t it make you eager to engage in this inner exploration? Someday you will be operational as a harmonized personality, and it will finetune the way you interact with your environment.

“Inner harmony is living in a perpetual mode of unconditional love—just as Jesus did. Only once you have become love in action, will you get to know the real you.

“Follow the loving impulses of your heart, as they are taking you to that place of fulfillment where you smoothly operate as one of the myriads of pump stations strategically positioned along the Love Pipeline.”