Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 17, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “It would much promote your spiritual growth to live with emotional awareness.  Emotions are energies in motion.  If left unsupervised, they fluctuate back and forth within their vast gamut of expression.  Many of them are quite trigger-happy. Their impulsive lashing out ends up inflicting injuries to both the target and the shooter due to their powerful recoil effect.

Feelings get frequently bruised in such violent altercations.  Harsh and hurtful spoken words become part of the aggressor’s arsenal, and the hostile fire is often returned in kind, which dangerously escalates the conflict. 

Life abounds in surprising turns of events.  Remain mentally alert and know when it is wise to maintain a safe emotional distance.  Monitor your emotional speedometer while paying heed to the forewarnings of hazardous conditions.  Downshift or altogether stop in your tracks.

You frequently have to maneuver around sticky predicaments involving the mood swings of those who share the road with you.  Fasten your emotional seat-belts, and resort to judicious evasive maneuvers. Eventually, you will develop quick reflexes, which will allow you to remain in control while encountering treacherous patches of black ice.”