Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “In His teachings, Jesus often used farming analogies to depict the time-sensitive process of soul growth—prepping its fallow land to receive seeds of enlightenment, closely monitoring their development to spur the coming to fruition of the various spiritual fruits.

The soil composition has to meet minimum requirements.  Whenever the farmer wants to expand his farmland, he acquires new parcels after carefully considering their dormant potentials.  He may have to perform some initial work of stripping the land from invasive root systems and clearing it of all the rocks and stones that could damage the plow.                                                                

The soil pH, its sun exposure, and its access to adequate irrigation are other weighty determinants, as well as the farmer's financial resources.  He may have to hire extra hands to save the crops from devastating weather patterns.

It is how Jesus tended to the various spiritual ‘plots’ He came to render productive.  He proceeded with foresight, discernment, and due diligence.  He mingled among the social strata of His time, promptly assessing His interlocutors’ potential for spiritual growth and addressing their most present needs. He also was conversant at ‘soul-deciphering,’ as the sincerity of a soul was another significant factor in its enlightenment process.

Take your spiritual growth to heart!  It is YOUR responsibility to prepare its soil for a spiritual makeover.  Without your collaboration, all outside contributions will go to waste, as you are in charge of your plot.  How are you doing so far?  Have you witnessed the magical moment when young seedlings break through the surface, heralding the manifestation of a precious crop that will further sustain your spiritual needs? 

In His lifetime, Jesus harvested the diversified fruits of Spirit that ripened within His soul. He freely shared their abundance with His associates, pollinating their souls.  He initiated a spiritual ripple effect that works its way down the generational path to find YOU.”