Oregon, US of A
Friday, August 9, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “The Time of Correction in which you live is when Divine Justice and Mercy are brought down to Earth, sweeping the planet in a clean-up operation of great magnitude.

“Your world could be treated as an extensive crime scene since so many acts of iniquity have been perpetrated over millennia. Just as expert forensic teams painstakingly comb a crime scene to gather evidence and bring the perpetrators to justice, the Correcting Time addresses the many areas in need of healing and rehabilitation.

“The identification of planetary dysfunctions is a crucial step that cannot be bypassed. It is very sobering as well, as the Luciferian tentacles have inserted themselves in pretty much everything that was meant to sustain life.

“On the inner, each person needs to humbly self-examine with the assistance of their fully-informed Higher Self—their Partner-in-righteousness. As well, the Spirit of Truth will help you identify whatever is incompatible with Itself.

“The Time of Correction is meant to stop the nasty proliferation of iniquity and provide the culprits with another conversion opportunity supporting their full rehabilitation.

“In His Infinite Mercy, the Father will not crush you with His judgment. Instead, He will open up avenues of healing. His Great Plan includes wiping the slate of iniquity clean and giving each willing soul a brand-new beginning that severs all ties to unfortunate past decisions.

“Do not look at the many planetary crises as birds of ill omen. They are, in fact, the visible symptoms that will lead to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Keep in mind that the Correcting Time is an era of great hope, as it uncovers the darkness, brings it to the Light of Truth for it to be consumed.”