Oregon, USA
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Mother of Pearl: As the name says, it is a gemstone that is made of pearl oyster. It would make the owner feel kind and awaken the feeling of love. The love energy of Mother of Pearl is both effective for yourself and others.

Thought Adjuster: “Isn’t it remarkable that thoughts pop in your head seemingly out of nowhere? It is even more vivid after you have consciously purged your mind from all its busyness and placed it in a neutral mode of receptivity.​

“It is when I can step in to help you ponder new and enlightening trains of thought. I am constantly monitoring the stream of ideas that impulsively or compulsively cross your mind on the spur of the moment. I am scanning them for potential ‘building materials.’ I then coach you to investigate the ‘thought-provoking’ and edifying topics that pique your interest. They act as the yeast in the dough and contribute to your mind expansion if you plunge deeper into their substance, like a deep-sea diver intent on finding the Mother-of-Pearl.

“It is what is taking place right now, as I am nudging you toward the topic that I would like to treat today. Indeed, once you understand more in-depth the subtle workings of your mental wheels, you can significantly boost their productivity by becoming a willing partner in our ‘thought exchange.’

“Your thinking is in great part influenced by electrochemical reactions as well as a multitude of agents that cause it to meander from one topic to the next—often taking abrupt leaps.

“Like a potter who shapes a work of art from malleable and quite unremarkable clay, I will—yours willing—help you upgrade your thinking. I will skillfully direct My spotlight toward the thought-forms that have a bright future and help you nip in the bud the stray thoughts that have no redeeming value. 

“Like a wordsmith who strings carefully handpicked syllables to generate meaningful sentences, I help you use your thoughts as stepping stones toward higher understanding.  Ours is an intimate collaboration where I feed your mind with some subtle clues and let you elaborate upon them, thus strengthening your ‘brainpower.’

“As well, be assured that, by freely sharing any enlightening thoughts, you may allow others to exit the beaten ways of their habitual and often obsessive thinking to venture out into inviting pathways of discovery.”