Oregon, US of A
Monday, May 20, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “Same actions may yield differing emotions according to their motivators.  Deeds performed out of a mere sense of duty fail to generate much joy and personal satisfaction, as they mostly amount to checking an item off your list of chores. On the other hand, whenever you feel passionate about something—be it a subject matter, a hobby, a relationship—you invest all of yourself, “hook, line, and sinker.”  What does it tell you?

“Love, passion, likes, and innate proclivities are powerful driving forces.  On the other hand, reporting to duty under the leverage of guilt or shame is a form of emotional blackmail.  It may activate you, but the result will be devoid of joy, as it was not prompted by love.

“Love in Action is at the origin of the Divine Creative Undertaking.  The First Source and Center was not coerced into creating, as He was accountable to no one but Himself.  He created out of His Heart's Desire to generously share of Himself.  Every step of the creative endeavor underwent the quality control defined by the strict parameters of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—the three essential attributes of fine artworks.

“Human beings are born immature and ignorant due to their evolutionary status. Nevertheless, they are endowed with a mind that can retain an unfathomable amount of data and with an emotional core that can expand ad infinitum to hold in trust all loving connections established in the course of an eternal lifetime.  It is where your humanity falls into step with your divinity. 

“Surely you will be called to perform many chores during your days.  However, you can spice them up by performing them mindfully and ‘heart-fully.’  While chores may drain you of your energetic quota, loving deeds give it a powerful boost.  Why not then opt for the second winning option? 

“Set such an intention at the onset of each day.  As well, establish some regular ‘checkpoints’ to monitor your course, turn within, and gauge your emotional barometer.  Through persistence, you will witness significant improvement in your temperament.  As well, your love-infused actions will leave a mark in the outer world.  Such is the calling of Light Workers, as they are also Miracle Love Workers.”