Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Thought Adjuster: “As you settle in the Stillness to connect with Spirit, eager to receive nutritious ‘soul food,’ the thought entered your mind that the truth you are craving for is the oxygen of your spiritual circulatory system. As well, the ‘truth tidbits’ that are the most welcome are ‘loved-dipped.’

“Truth and Love are the essential ingredients for a rich spiritual life as exemplified by the life and teachings of Jesus. He disclosed fundamental aspects of truth that had remained hidden from the multitude since the Lucifer rebellion. As well, He exemplified each one of them through His ever-loving approach toward all, with its shining facets of empathy, compassion, tact, and patience.

“Lucifer promoted his iniquitous manifesto by iniquitous means. Lies, discrimination, bullying, coercion, and undue pressure were the lethal weapons he used to confuse, intimidate, and lure his unsuspecting preys to sever from the divine hierarchy of love-in-action—universal service—to establish a callous new world order.

“One thing is certain: The only spiritual stance that will yield the abundant fruits of Spirit is one of love. To ‘temporarily’ resort to hate to annihilate those whose views clash with yours CANNOT bring about a world of Love and Light. Hate is a spirit poison—no matter how and under which pretext it is dished out. It yields bitterness, resentment, and causes more destruction in its wake. The so-called ‘religions’ that are hate-driven will never succeed in uniting the survivors of genocidal crusades. How could they ever bring peace on Earth when the heart and soul of their converts have been soiled by the atrocities of hate-in-action?

“Jesus admonished loving brotherly service and took the lead by His shining example. He forgave on the spot any wrongdoing inflicted upon Him while assuming a Public Defender role toward the offenders, pleading their attenuating circumstance of ignorance and spiritual poverty. He cared about their soul survival.

“Nurture the love in your heart, as it is the only access door to lasting peace on Earth. By living mindfully, you will quickly pick up on those moments when your heart shuts down under some ‘acidic’ emotional trigger.

“It never feels good when your heart shuts down. It is when you secede from the brotherhood of man to entertain hostile thoughts. Learn to quickly regain your emotional footing and devise innovative response patterns to ‘déjà-vu’ and ‘déjà-experienced’ unpleasant episodes. This is how you will extirpate yourself from these sticky predicaments.”