Oregon, US of A
Friday, November 16, 2018

Mother Spirit/Nebadonia: “Energy is the cosmic language—the heart resonance.  What do I mean by that?  Have you ever been attracted by the positive vibrations emanated by a total stranger whose language is foreign to you?  Surely, in that case, it is not your interlocutor’s vocabulary that exerts an emotional pull, but the energetic make-up that is also disclosed through subtle vocal intonations or silent body language.

“When communing with Spirit, no words need be spoken.  They are frequent impediments to a perfect communion of souls, as they lend themselves to quid pro quos whenever the conversational partners’ experiential reference libraries significantly differ.  It then requires additional trading of information to get to the core of the conveyed message.

“On the other hand, blissful relationships bypass the spoken words.  They have outgrown that developmental phase, as the partners have gotten to know each other at the soul level—the most profound and authentic level of your being. It is the reason why Spirit meets you best in the backdrop of undisturbed silence where precious threads of Love and Light are interwoven in its rich fabric—Spirit’s universal sign language. 

“Dear ones, this language is yours to acquire—not by rote, but by a total immersion in My Love and Light, which will bathe every cell, fiber, particles, and layers of your complex being, and powerfully turn up the dial of your radiance.  It is how the whole planet will get irradiated by the Love and Light it so craves.  My Love is with you all.