Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 26, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Have you ever tried to retrace the course of your thoughts?   You are in for a wild and, at times, entertaining ride. It is quite educational to do so. Some ideas are like shining pebbles purposefully placed on your mental track to nudge you toward an intelligent and enlightening destination.  Others seem to randomly pop up in your head, triggered by some external factor that derails your musing.

However, not all of these disruptive agents are unruly party crashers. Some of them are symptomatic of some degree of attention deficit disorder that, with your willing cooperation, can be remedied over time. Others sound the alert, warning you of some looming threat detected by the 24/7 protective services of your subconscious or superconscious mind.  Just as your TV station abruptly interrupts its regular programming to broadcast emergency signals, your mind suspends the flow of its habitual thinking to bring you back to your material reality to adequately deal with some pressing matter. 

Your free will prerogative enables you to select the topics of your reflections.  If you diligently apply yourself to tame your all-over-the-place thinking process, it will become a loyal and reliable ally.  Soon enough, you will notice a positive transformation. Instead of remaining stuck in a dulling mindset, thought-provoking data will captivate your attention wherefrom you will extract meanings and wisdom. By sharing them with other inquisitive souls, you will partake in an enlightening ripple effect of logical mental associations if you keep at bay any intrusive vagrant thoughts.”