Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “God wishes for his sentient creatures to enjoy life and feel fulfilled. All his benevolent concepts are pregnant with the potentials of manifesting truth, beauty, and goodness. The combination of these life-giving ingredients gives you a sneak preview of your future state of euphoric Godlikeness.

You will not cross this evolutionary threshold if you operate on auto-pilot.To invite these blessings into your life, invest yourself, heart, body, and soul. By plugging yourself into the Father’s altruistic operative network, you will get to 'enjoy' such a blissful state of being.

Values have to infiltrate your experience to be ‘felt.’  If you fail to break through that experiential glass ceiling, they will remain abstract intellectual concepts—within reach of your mind but entirely foreign to your heart.

The buoyant emotion of joy has health benefits. It promotes a healthier lifestyle, boosts the immune system, fight stress and pain, and supports longevity. What does it tell you about the appealing vision your Creator entertains for your life?  Fortunate are those who operate within such a vibrant auric field, as they have removed the inner seal of self-centeredness that prevented joy from spreading its good cheers.

Their tunnel vision deprives them of relishing in the cosmic panorama, peppered with countless catalysts for joy and its numerous sister emotions:  abundance, appreciation, admiration, affection, attraction, altruism, amusement, awe, boldness, bliss, cheerfulness, compassion, confidence, connectedness, contentment, curiosity, dynamism, eagerness, elevation, empowerment, enjoyment, delight, enthusiasm, euphoria, excitement, fascination, freedom, friendship, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, goodwill, harmony, hopefulness, happiness, importance, inspiration, interest, joyfulness, love, momentum, optimism, passion, pride, relief, revelation, romance, satisfaction, serenity, spontaneity, surprise, triumph, unity, wholeness, and worthiness. All these are within your reach once you redirect your focus to lovingly connect with others, as there cannot be joy without the kindling spark of positive interaction.”