Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “As long as there remains a flicker of goodness in man, God will work with that precious raw material. It is something each of you should keep in mind and heart, as you are so quick at labeling your siblings as irredeemably flawed, prematurely throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater.

“What would happen to the driving force of your hopes if your Heavenly Father imposed such a strict quality control upon you?  Thankfully, such is not His Way.  He places all bets on your portfolio of actualized or dormant assets—undeterred by your current liabilities.  His Agenda of salvation is to optimize the items listed as credits, using them as the supporting pillars of your spiritual emergence.

“Yours is not to judge others, but to appeal to their good side—to treat them as respectfully as your Heavenly Father treats you.  The Father ALWAYS sees your eternal potentials, never obsessing over your remediable ‘congenital disabilities.'  The hopes He places in you are realistic, as He KNOWS the unique endowments that He incorporated in your personality kit.  Upon sincere asking, He will bring them to your attention so that you can play your part as a finely tuned instrument of the highest good. 

“The Father uses you as you are.  Instead of pointing an accusatory finger at others’ shortcomings, reach the constructive understanding that they too are the vessels of much greatness. This greatness can be stimulated and supported by your selfless prayers and benevolent actions.

“Moses was not eloquent but possessed the leadership qualities essential to lead the Israelites out of captivity to the promised land.  God mitigated his lack of oratory skills by assigning Aaron as his spokesperson. Saul had a criminal past, as he persecuted many Christians before drastically turning his life around, becoming a mighty ambassador of the Kingdom.  The Father well knew the sincerity of his heart and worked with it and through it.

“What about you? Have you dug deep within to find what is yours to add to the trust fund of positive contributions?  Pearls of great value lay hidden under the coarse exterior of your shell.”