Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 8, 2020

Christ Michael/Jesus: “When Peace moves into your soul, words are superfluous. Such an all-pervasive peace overrides all lower emotions—fully appeasing their chaotic ebb and flow and your frantic mental chatter.

“It is the reason why I always stressed the need for Peace.  “My peace I leave with you” were not hollow words. They were truth-full. Never did I lie. Always did I stick to the most loving and liberating expression of truth. 

“Whenever you feel unsettled, remember that My Peace has been forever made available to you. Invite it into your being, asking that it puts to rest any nervous tensions that prevent you from looking at life occurrences from an objective perspective to reach well-informed decisions.

“It is also the reason why the Divine best communes with you in the Stillness of your heart and soul. It is the soundproof inner sanctum where you can hear It best—without disturbing interferences. The Divine Presence in you appeals to your heart—not just your mind. The intelligence of your heart is both the sounding-board and the yardstick for truth assessment. 

“As I lived on your world, I did frequently retreat in solitude to commune with My Divine Indweller.  He is larger-than-life, being your Source, Center, and Destination.  He is your living connection to the Circle of Eternity—the proposal of an everlasting loving partnership that already transcends the confinements of time and space—as He IS All-Wise, All-Knowing, and All-Loving.”