Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 2, 2020

“On the inhabited worlds, human personality (indwelt and oriented by the Paradise Father’s Spirit) is the only physically related reality which can transcend the material sequence of temporal events.”  [UB 130:7:4]

Thought Adjuster: “There is nothing wrong with taking some regenerative time-outs once in a while.  Your planetary daily living is very demanding, being packed with intense challenges.  The strong impressions they leave on your psyche need to be adequately processed.

“Just as a machine in overdrive is at high risk to misfire or blow some fuses, your complex human organism has to be lovingly monitored to maintain its subtle equilibrium. It is what harmony is all about. How could the world ever seem harmonious to you if you are mixed up and conflicted within?

“Your experience life on the inner, and you must live with awareness to swiftly and skillfully process or deflect the many curve balls thrown by destiny from your blind corner. If you fail to do so, the turmoil of the outer world may get the upper hand and leave you feeling hopeless and ill-equipped to cope with their blows.

“I AM within you. Isn’t it a huge relief to know that? I navigate your storms WITH you, as you have My sworn and eternal loyalties.  You are NEVER in it alone—unless you intentionally evict Me out of your inner world. By doing so, you would immediately shrink its holographic matrix to a scope made of linear coordinates anchored in the material plane and subject to the restrictive elements of time and space.

“Spirit works through your intuition and your wisdom.  By remaining connected to these invisible but genuine influences, you allow Me to guide you.  I am your Inner Compass, as well as your Inner Lover.  I am greatly honored whenever you turn to Me for feedback.  It makes Me feel useful. Go on in love and peace!”