Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 17, 2020

Christ Michael/Jesus: “I am always receptive to the invitation of My beloved children. You were reading that “[I] was ever willing to learn from even the humblest of little children, but [I] never derived authority to teach truth from human sources. . . [I] measured every institution of society and every usage of religion by the unvarying test: What does it do for the human soul? Does it bring God to man? Does it bring man to God?” [UB 126:2:5]  

“Due to the mindless reliance of many on the supposed enlightened teachings of human religious leaders, much inadequate and unsound guidance has been meted out by those who spoke with usurped and unchallenged authority. How indeed could an imperfect human being pretend to speak on behalf of the All-Perfect, All-Wise, and All-Knowing One?

“As I became aware of My calling to bring God to man and man to God, I had to start from Ground Zero. I questioned the validity and efficacity of the hand-Me down elements of my religious upbringing—some of which clashed with what I intuited in My heart about the unconditionally loving nature of My Heavenly Father.

“If He loves us unconditionally, why then would He request material offerings from His children? Wouldn’t such demands imply that His love was ‘conditional’? I then discarded all religious input that clashed with His All-Loving Nature. It was like tearing off the many band-aids hastily applied to areas in need of spiritual refinement without eradicating the root cause of the unease.

“As well, to reveal man to God, I had to become the fulfillment of His Vision for humanity by yielding in abundance the manifold fruits of Spirit. Thus doing, I simultaneously brought the Divine down to man, as their destiny is oneness.  

“Truth can stand intense scrutiny. It is how it gets validated as a solid pillar to sustain your lifework. You and you only can speak for yourself. If you candidly come from your heart, it will be well-received by your Maker. The fact that you are thinking independently, unfazed by peer pressure, should be applauded. Such a bold approach will have a happy unfolding, as you will then be receptive to the Divine Leadings of the One Who breathes life in you—your Life Support.”