Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “No matter how much confusion may reign in some areas of your life, there is always My Guiding Light and the Light emitted by a multitude of benevolent Beings of Light.

“Isn’t it a comforting thought?  The Light Knowledge of Truth is generously dispensed at this time of worldly transformation to dismantle and consume unsubstantiated lies and deceptions.

“As you grow in your moral awareness, make good use of your time to cleanse the foggy lenses through which you see a much-warped reality.  The time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff in all areas of human life. 

“Rather than being unsettled by the latest bombshell set off by the sensationalism-seeking news media, why not place your trust in Me and allow Me to bear witness for what is true, good, and beautiful?

“You may think that the ambient negativity has the upper hand in ousting the Light.  Such is not the case.  The Light is steadily increasing its radiance, and it will tackle all areas in need of clarification.

“Why not assist Me in that healing sweep?  I will point out how you can God-victoriously exercise your free-will prerogative to dispel any grey areas within yourself and your sphere of influence. 

“As you painstakingly but courageously address the shadow areas of your being, you step up your luminescence and its transformative power.”