Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Process of Self-Realization.  I AM the leading Architect of your particular process.  As such, I hold the matrix of your fully self-realized personality and depend on you to bring it to fruition.

“How else could you draw any righteous pride from that painstaking process if you did not have a substantial part to play in it?  However, we are in it together, as to ‘self-realize,’ you have to get in touch with your Higher Self—My I AM Presence in you, and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your spiritual blossoming.

“Aren’t you eager to discover the precious spiritual seeds buried in you?  I AM eager to see you climb to the next level of your ‘self-realization.’  It does not happen overnight but over lifetimes of leading a life focused to the Divine Vision for your highest good and optimal living—here and in the hereafter. 

“You have it in you to self-realize.  I dwell within you and can nudge you from within to choose the right path whenever your life takes you at new puzzling crossroads.

“Just as a high-rise is erected from the ground up, so does your multi-faceted personality follow a painstaking activation curve.  Do not be discouraged by that fact.  How else could you develop sound habits without the element of time?  Repetition of small victories over yourself stabilizes their impact on your character. What once was challenging becomes a matter of fact. 

“The setting of meaningful intentions is another great tool in your personal development, as wandering through life without specific goals squanders many precious educational opportunities.”