Thursday, January 9, 2020


Thought Adjuster: “As part of the human race, you have a say in which emotional energies will prevail on planet Earth.  Some emotions have 'heavy' energetic charges, and, when simultaneously harbored by many, they adversely impact the overall planetary mood.  Their thoughtless progenitors are low-life entities that gang up in volatile limited partnerships.  Indeed, grudges, resentment, jealousy, anger, selfishness are unsustainable.  By their nasty boomerang effect, they issue their death sentence. Because of their ‘indigestible’ emotional charges, they are experienced—consciously or unconsciously—as burdens.  Those who harbor them feel the uncomfortable pull of their gravity.

“On the other hand, there is a broad spectrum of lighter energies generated through the upbeat partners of love-in-action:  empathy, compassion, joy, happiness, and bliss, as well as humor and good nature. Such energies are mood boosters and spirit uplifters. 

“Each one of you is an emotional generator.  Sadly, too many are not watchful of the caliber of the emotions they release into the world.  It is the reason why the entertainment of negative emotions is so detrimental to the planetary welfare, as emotions abide by the universal law of cause and effect.

“I dwell within you as a Divine Good-Will Ambassador among men. However, My Presence goes undetected by many, and the cacophonic clamor of disgruntled souls besieges my Embassy of Love and Light.

“It is up to each individual to clean-up the ugly loitering caused by their low-grade emotions and transmute them into positive ones.  Not only will it drastically upgrade the quality of their life, but it will also prompt others to do the same, as everyone aspires to a higher quality of emotional life. 

“No one can do it for you. Claim your free will powers and engage in a divinely backed crusade against emotional pollutants.  Nip them in the bud whenever you sense they are about to raise their ugly head.  Teach your heart to sing a constant song of gratitude.  It will keep it wide open to receive more blessings, and YOU will become a blessing in the lives you touch.”