Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 21, 2019

Teacher: “Even though we are light years apart, we can communicate as if we were whispering in your ears.  It is the beauty of the Reflectivity Circuit—very comparable to your Skype software. Yes, both the elements of time and space can be overridden in your communication with Spirit.  It is an instantaneous blessing.

“From on High, we are well informed on what goes on in your daily life.  It is a prerequisite for us, as we are here to help you find your way among challenging planetary developments.  Always keep in mind that evolution is ongoing.  The ‘this too shall pass’ mantra spells it how it is. Each experiential moment is pregnant with practical spiritual lessons.  Indeed, Spirit is best understood from your current down-to-earth perspective.

“When you transition to higher realms, new facets will be added to your experience, and it will be so forever and ever.  How wise will you have grown by then! How much will your heart capacity have expanded!  You will look back with tenderness at your human incarnation, clearly grasping the reasons for its many outstanding moments. 

“Whenever you go through challenges, ironically, you are learning the mastery of gratitude.  Isn’t it what you feel when you God-victoriously pull through and discover that what you perceived as roadblocks where, in fact, stepping stones toward the discovery of some hidden inner treasure?  Don’t you find out the value of a tool when IT IS NEEDED?  Otherwise, it stays idle in your toolbox, and you may never wonder about its purpose.

“Another point I would like to make is that you are NEVER alone.  You benefit from a large support group of celestial cheerleaders who rejoice at your progress and often, unbeknownst to you, orchestrate some form of anonymous divine intervention—another ground for living in a state of permanent gratitude—the optimal experiential platform.”