Oregon, USA
Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Thought Adjuster: “You are not your flaws; you are your qualities. Let it sink in. A loving God blesses you abundantly with beautiful traits—some already in plain sight and others in the works. When will the unveiling of such glorious and glorified artwork take place? When the Artist deems it flawless and fully reflecting his intentional inner vision.

Have you ever wondered what the Father envisions for you? His vision is that you reach the point of sharing it and working with Him toward its emergence. How terrific it turns out to be when you look at it from this collaborative perspective! It also tells you that you have it in you to succeed—with patience, perseverance, goodwill, and faith.

Each day abounds with opportunities to work on such an elaborate project. Taking time to go within and ask Him for a progress report will ensure that you remain on target. Just as an artist takes recommended time-outs to look at his artwork with a fresh perspective upon his return, your life alternates between periods of renewal and productive activities. Take stock in the morning of what needs to get done by setting pointed and realistic intentions. For a sculptor, the polishing process of a statue is meticulous but necessary.

I shall be your expert Consultant as I hold the matrix of your perfection. Never will I overwhelm you with the magnitude of the task at hand but I will incessantly encourage you. Take it moment by moment. It is all that is asked of you. At the end of each day, reflect and go to bed asking for My subliminal input.”