Oregon, USA
Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Thought Adjuster: “The Father is all heart, and his children are, therefore, always within his loving auric field. He conceives out of love, which makes everything sustainable. Despite the sorry ripple effects of the Lucifer Rebellion, love will always constitute the connective tissues of the Law and Order woven into God’s multiverse.

Lucifer violated his sacred assignment and shrunk the scope of outgoing divine love to self-centered infatuation, thus disrupting the chain of custody of Law and Order and constricting its love-infused circulatory system.

However, it was not within his powers to break the karmic Law of Cause and Effect. He had to operate within the very cosmic laws he disparaged. By brazenly asserting that the belief in a divine Progenitor was a fraud, he erected a smokescreen in front of credulous souls, leading them astray by his belligerent stance and coercive powers. He usurped a leadership position that was not his to have.

The Father ever works anonymously and lovingly. Dictators ruthlessly clamor for unearned glorification. Yet, because they are not altruistic, their crusades are doomed to fail. Lip service does not equate to the passionate surrender of a soul touched by divine love.”