Oregon, US of A
Monday, August 17, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “As your spiritual dietician, I strive to provide you with a diversified nutrition to help you grow a thriving soul.  Quite often, you initial morning thoughts accompany you throughout the day.  It is how impressionable your mind is.  How often do you mentally replay some random tunes that crossed it upon your awakening?

With your permission, I download into your receptive mind some significant clues in the hope that you will notice them and find them worth pondering.  It is how I train your mind to operate optimally and proactively—not as a mere satellite dish.

Your spiritual maturation is my priority and I resourcefully bring to your attention what promotes the emergence of a healthy and resilient soul.

When the prodigal son returned home after experiencing the pangs of poverty, he was so much better equipped to appreciate the privileged lifestyle of his parental home—never again taking it for granted.

Many souls live in abject poverty—by ignorance or choice.  Each one has unlimited access to the premium trinitized guidance of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit and their Father’s indwelling Fragment—as long as it consciously alters its trajectory to gravitate in their spiritual orbit. 

What are you waiting for?  Your spiritual activation will alter your consciousness, elevating it to unsuspected experiential heights.  Truth, beauty, and goodness will act as the fertilizers of your soul, blessing it with a sunny exposure and hydrating it with the pristine living waters of Spirit.”