Oregon, USA
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thought Adjuster: “Each soul without exception craves happiness. It has become obvious that self-gratification will never provide authentic and lasting happiness.

What makes one truly happy? Happiness lies within the process of giving and receiving from the depth of one’s heart. The best gifts are those that find a vibrational match within you, telling you wordlessly but powerfully that the giver ‘gets you.’ They are silent testimonies that he paid loving attention to you, picking up on your likes.

Happiness ensues from the give-and-take process—a process replicated ad infinitum in the multiverse. Giving by itself does not suffice, as it will eventually drain the giver if it remains a one-way street. Acknowledging the gift with gratitude entices the receiver to reciprocate in kind—his thank-you note.

Happiness implies a state of receptivity—a heartfelt appreciation of life’s wonders—experienced sensorily. The song of a bird, the soft touch of a breeze, the warmth of sunrays, the freshness of a cup of water on a hot day, … all those are loving attentions from the Maker and His helpers that make your heart sing.

Do your part to contribute to the cosmic happiness. By giving selflessly, you will nevertheless be at the receiving end of happiness. It is not self-contained but circulates through the communicating vases of open hearts.”