Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

In Christianity, a disciple is referred to a student or a follower of Jesus and his teachings, whereas an apostle serves as his ambassador—a messenger who helps in spreading his teachings and philosophies.

Thought Adjuster: “From this perspective, you can understand why the requirements of apostleship exceed by far “the less rigorous pathway of discipleship.”  

“You shall return good for evil. [UB 140:6.9] Jesus asked his inner circle to live their lives as he had lived his in spirit. He went on to say: “You shall return good for evil. My messengers must not strive with men, but be gentle toward all. [. . .] mercy always shall determine your judgments and love your conduct.” 

There is no employment shortage in the divine Kingdom of the Hearts. You determine what shall be your contribution. Nevertheless, everyone starts as an apprentice--as Jesus did by diligently studying the idiosyncrasies of the human condition to accurately map their inner world and come up with a workable rescue strategy.

He spent much time teaching his apostles so that they could represent him in the flesh, emulating his liberating spiritual legacy that will never become, provided it rides on the coattail of the living truth.

The ever-ongoing school of life will eventually promote you to serve as a Teacher’s Assistant. No matter where you stand along your spiritual learning curve, you will eventually earn your Ph.D. in Divinity—thus becoming another unique embodiment of super-humanness.”