Oregon, US of A
Friday, August 21, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “The regrettable Luciferian legacy was passed down generationally. Lucifer brainwashed human minds with his clever manifesto and manipulated the human DNA to keep humankind's great potential in a state of suspended animation.

Your life consists of a mix of pros and cons. Sadly, many of you are enthralled by seemingly insurmountable difficulties. A stream fluidly goes around the boulders that block its way. Be like a stream!

Handicaps challenge your resourcefulness. As children of God, one of the attributes you share with your Progenitor is the urge to co-create in truth, beauty, and goodness. By engaging in fulfilling co-creative activities, you experience deep soul satisfaction and peace of mind and heart.  

Some of you, born without arms, were nevertheless gifted with extraordinary artistic talents and find ways to compensate for the missing limbs. They develop remarkable foot agility to bring forth great works of art. The adversity they had to overcome adds to the excellence of their achievements.

Do not aggravate your handicaps by using them as a pretext for unproductive complacency. History abounds in shining examples of those who refused to live with a victim mentality. Despite serious impediments, they turned a potential sob story into a tear-jerking testimony of human resilience and resourcefulness. They successfully edited ‘mis’ out of ‘mis-fortune.’ Given the choice, they would not change anything to their life script. Where you see a handicap, they see a blessing.

Your impediments are calling cards for greatness, as they can morph into unsuspected blessings. Go within and ponder how you can master such personal challenges, turning them into cum laude triumphs. Each challenge teaches you something of enduring value.”