Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 4, 2021

“Moral worth cannot be derived from mere repression—obeying the injunction “Thou shall not.” Fear and shame are unworthy motivations for religious living.” [UB 140:4:7]

Thought Adjuster: “To repress is to hold something back or to prevent an act of volition—often by force. Inhibition is a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way. Both refer, generally, to the act of subduing something.

One thing is sure: Repression and inhibition generate unhappy emotions, as they greatly restrict positive self-expression. Sadly, many religious leaders emotionally manipulate their adepts into unhealthy submission by inappropriately scolding and shaming them. How could one ever experience spiritual bliss while suppressing the spontaneous expression of innate soul cheerfulness?

Children raised in disciplinarian households may be deemed good and subservient. However, it is not by choice. Fear of wrongdoing keeps them in check—not love of right doing. Many of them become so distraught that they run away from such dreadful environments.

Your sensitive soul needs a safe and nurturing habitat to deploy its ethereal and iridescent wings. Encouragement works wonders.  

Jesus’ ministry had positive connotations that he rightfully referred to as ‘the good news.’ He heralded that the Father loves you no matter what, thus debunking the fake news that the Father only loves those who prudently appeal to His good side—as if He had a bad one. Jesus admonished all to shine their light—not to dim it. As far as he was concerned, there should be no spiritual curfew. He persistently urged his audience to be of good cheer, knowing that happiness is incompatible with harboring any negative emotions.  

Instead of merely repressing them, tame your negative impulses by ‘re-forming’ them through the free expression of your bright side. Fear—a master impostor—fuels your inhibitions. By conquering your angst, you will get in touch with your vibrant self. Hitch your wagon to the adventurous lead of the Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Courage. It will propel you forward, leaving no regrets behind.”