Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 4, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder the Power of Gratitude amid the challenges of tribulations.  Historically, the Jewish people, after being set free of their Egyptian captivity, could have made it within 40 days to the land of Canaan promised to Abraham and his descendants. 

“What prevented them from doing so was the victim mentality they harbored and voiced in relentless complaining.  Rather than surrendering themselves fully to the enlightened guidance of Moses, who had left his privileged life in the magnificent Pharaoh’s palace to guide them toward their national destiny, they looked back with nostalgia at the relative comfort zone that their servitude had become.

“Due to the threat of the ‘Corona Virus,’ your world has been placed under quarantine—technically, 40 days of isolation from toxic influences.  Do you see any parallel here? 

“As life as you knew it reached a standstill, what is your attitude toward this new and unexpected development?  Do you look back with dismay, or do you stop and ponder the many promises contained in this worldwide restructuring?  Could the Coronavirus become a powerful catalyst toward positive evolution and help awaken humanity to more stellar opportunities to develop their embryonic souls? 

“Will 40 days suffice for you to become the change you want to see in the world? A virgin canvass presents itself.  Will you fill it with the bright colors of hope, or blemish it with the ugly stains of pessimism, bitterness, and disempowerment? 

“Will the imposed quarantine suffice as a Petri Dish for your spiritual activation, or will it have to be prolonged in decades of aimless spiritual wandering?  The choice is yours.  The Promise Land is within your reach.”