Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Thought Adjuster: “The Father is 100%partial to goodness because evil has no room in His consciousness. Its trompe l’oeil may fool many. Nevertheless, it is doomed to self-engulf in the quicksand of its lies and deception as soon as nothing but the truth commends collective attention to its disrespectful bluff.

It is also why the Divine is so patient toward those who exhibit evil propensities.  Time is needed to separate the wheat from the chaff with extreme caution.  He will then sanctify the cremated ashes of the weeds by scattering them over His field of dreams, repurposing them as growth-enhancing fertilizers to yield a magnificent crop of golden wheat bursting with truth, beauty, and goodness.

The sublime chemistry of these prime ingredients opens a portal to the kingdom of the hearts. Their presence in you—even as trace elements—is your insurance policy that the Father will not give up on you, as He never allows anything of lasting value to go to waste.

Therefore, do not prematurely write off your planetary siblings as irredeemable because they still operate in a B.C. [Before Conversion] mode. This momentous event will forever alter their mind- and heart-set by catalyzing their dormant potentials.

However, once a soul makes the irrevocable self-governing decision to cease to exist, it will be so—by human decree, not divine ruling.  It pays a hefty price by self-issuing its death sentence, forfeiting the fulfillment of the delectable heavenly aspirations for their eternal destiny.

Encourage one another in Jesus’ cheerful fashion. Focus on the light—within you and in others. By putting such a positive spin on how you view yourself and others, you will most assuredly be a bright spot in the living canvas.”