Oregon, US of A
Monday, February 1, 2021

“Have faith—confidence in the eventual triumph of divine justice and eternal goodness.” [UB 140:8.8]

Thought Adjuster: “What some view as setbacks, others see as progress. Each crisis is pregnant with a positive outcome if you know how to use it as a lever. 

Your world is undergoing great turmoil at all its existential levels.  Isn’t it a sure sign that a new age is dawning?  Your faith in better days is certainly direly tested. Never lose sight of the divine plan that has all to do with light and life—and nothing with darkness and death.

I am the Still Small Voice that whispers to you in a close and personal manner on behalf of the Great One.  I know your physical, emotional, and psychological make-up. My sacred Mission Statement is to help you manifest the innate truth, beauty, and goodness of your being, thus promoting your growth as a full-fledged willing collaborator in the implementation of the Great Plan—wherever you may find yourself along the ascension trail.

Have faith in better days. Optimism is a positive driving force, whereas debilitating pessimism is inept at getting the job done.  Jesus remained of good cheers amid extreme vicissitudes because the Kingdom of the Heart was a reality in him. He relentlessly laid the groundwork for its outer expansion.  The weight-bearing foundations of any awe-inspiring skyscraper lay below ground zero.

In the end, divine justice and eternal goodness shall prevail, bearing witness to the selfless devotion of myriads of faithful mustard seeds.”