Oregon, USA
Wednesday, February 17, 2021

“You are the child, and it is your Father’s kingdom you seek to enter. There is present that natural affection between every normal child and its father which insures an understanding and loving relationship, and which forever precludes all disposition to bargain for the Father’s love and mercy.” [UB, 140:10.4]

Thought Adjuster: “A giant forward leap in the human/divine diplomatic relationships surreptitiously took place over many centuries in the Jewish faith. Samuel, a Jewish religious hero, who lived in the 11th century BC, played a significant part. He helped dismantle the superstition-driven worship of tribal gods as some type of spiritual insurance coverage, “when he started out to turn all Israel back to the worship of the supreme Yahweh of Mosaic times.” [UB, 97:1.2]

It took over a millennium for this advanced concept of Deity to settle in the minds of the following generations, thus paving the way for Jesus’ radical disclosure of the Fatherhood of God. A Divine Son by birth, Jesus had both the experiential knowledge and authority to make such a stunning revelation.

The passage of time is necessary to dislodge entrenched beliefs. The same goes for your spiritual evolution. Situations must arise that sharpen your sense of discernment and call you to subdue your pride to positively amend your ways of thinking, feeling, and doing.

Jesus “was engaged in living a life of spiritual inspiration for every person of every age on every world of a far-flung universe.” [UB, 140:10.3] Because it was 100% truth-led, his life is forever relevant.

How do you relate to the divine? Is your faith of an old-testament type where you fear God more than you love him? The hands-on practical teachings of Jesus will initiate you to a rewarding and everlasting parent/child spontaneous interaction. Your indwelling Father Fragment is neither a stern disciplinarian nor an absentee father. He is a stay-at-home dad.”