Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 28, 2019


Love is the highest motivation which man may utilize in his universe ascent.  But love, divested of truth, beauty, and goodness, is only a sentiment, a philosophic distortion, a psychic illusion, a spiritual deception.”  [UB 196:3:29]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder the above statement from My perspective.  Indeed, I originated from the very destination of your spiritual and emotional ascent. Therefore, I hailed from True Love—the most genuine love there is, a beautiful substance that exerts a powerful force of attraction through the beauty and the goodness it exudes.  It is also why I am your most qualified Associate to help you find your way back to the most fulfilling love experience you will ever have.

“As you ascend one spiritual plane at a time, you will be increasingly activated in your ability to give and receive love.  As a child, you are mostly at the receiving end of love.  As you grow into your selfhood, life grooms you to become a transmitter of love—not just a receiver—as love cannot be held captive without shriveling and needs life-saving outlets.

“True love does not leave you wanting because it will never disappoint nor trick you.  It is asking for your willing allegiance, as it is devoid of coercive elements.  It abhors the darkness of emotional blackmail.  It gives freely, without holding back.


“Such is the quality of love you need to nurture in your heart.  It is the love I feel toward you, and I rejoice whenever you experience spontaneous surges of love and gratitude toward Me—your Indwelling Divine Fragment, a full-fledged Ambassador of the Father’s Love for YOU.  Love is not an intellectual exercise.  It cannot be, as it surges from the heart—not from the head.”