Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “The primal creative motivation of the Heavenly Father is to bestow His Love upon all His creations and creatures.  It involves incredibly sophisticated and meticulous thought-processes on His Part.

“His off-the-chart Intelligence Quotient may bedazzle you.  However, do not let it deter you from initiating a personal relationship with Your All-Loving Progenitor.  Your conception was an Act of Love, intelligently implemented. 

“You were created in His Image.  It implies that you are destined to fit perfectly in the flawless matrix He devised for your eternal existence.  How do you get there? 

“You may have to retrace some of His Mental Processes to get to the root cause of His Creative Endeavors:  Love, Love, and more Love.  It is an evolutionary process for the creatures of time and space.  It is a life-long discovery journey that will initiate you to the multi-facets of Love. 

“Love is both your origin, your journey, and your destination. Your intellectual understanding will expand through the insights provided by life-enhancing epiphanies that will be the catalysts for the expansion of your ability to love.  Once Love dictates your decision-making, you are becoming godlike, and you will be entrusted with a 'License to co-create in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.'”