Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “All of you would much benefit from scrutinizing your overall operative mode.  On which emotional frequencies do you generally operate?  Which prevalent attitude do you have toward life in general and others? Do you behave like a hostile or a friendly witness?

Your experiences may have sculpted your attitude. Bad things do happen to good people. However, they should not turn them into bad ones—thus expanding their tragic impact. 

In these chaotic times, many of you display a victim or a ‘sour puss' mentality.  They wallow in self-pity and stubbornly refuse to seize the ever-available lifeline of hopeful faith, unconsciously pulling others down to their level of misery.

‘Don’t let people pull you into their storms.  Pull them into your peace.’  This wise admonition is the only sustainable option. 

Learn to quickly appease your inner turbulences before becoming one of their casualties, letting them run amok in your life due to your lack of self-mastery.  The way you feel at any given time will provide you with a good reading as to the state of your internal affairs. 

It is not pleasant to feel lousy, vindicative, disgruntled, jealous, or angry. Don’t you wish to feel better?  Blaming others for your emotional discomfort will not relieve it, as blame is utterly unproductive and add more of the same to your already negative balance sheet.

Be brave!  Stop hosting lonely pity parties to join the squad of cheerleaders—those who, against all odds, maintain an upbeat attitude, projecting onto others the faith they have in themselves.  If the wild rodeo of life unceremoniously dismounts you, quickly get back on the saddle.  Do not tally the times you bit the dust but those you determinedly got back on the saddle.”