Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “As your body ages, your spirit remains vibrant and youthful. Any senior citizen will tell you that they feel unchanged on the inner. 

Your physical body is the material vehicle on loan from On High to chauffeur you through the 3-D terrain of your earthly incarnation until it ‘outlives’ its usefulness. Your soul will then depart for higher existential planes where it will be outfitted with a more ethereal outer form adapted to its new living quarters. 

Doesn’t it then make perfect sense to cater to the positive evolution of your embryonic soul? Your soul is who you are. Its timeless natal zone is the eternal now—where it eventuated from the great I AM.  

God operates beyond the confines of time and space. Being ageless, he is the inexhaustible fountain of eternal youth. His vital life force pervades everything, sustaining all life.

Rest assured that your life will go on—unless you decide to turn its switch to the off position, disconnecting yourself from its energetic feed, thus ceasing to exist.”