Oregon, US of A
Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Love is the most sublime reality there is.  Ponder this for a moment.  You have been ‘informed’ that you are unconditionally loved by the Father in Heaven and His Forces of Light.  Nevertheless, many of you remain skeptical, as you do not ‘feel’ that almighty love.  It does not imply that you have been somehow unfairly left out of its loop. How could it be, since Divine Love is all-inclusive and all-pervasive?

“Consequently, it has more to do with your aptitude to harness it.  What is standing in the way?  Could it be that your love sensors require some fine-tuning?  Could it be that you need to develop more faith—the great equalizer?  What do I mean by that?

“As long as you go through life with a restricted spiritual vision field, faith enables you to keep going.  It is the energetic substance that acts as the joker in a card game, making up for the ace you are not holding in your hand.  Have you ever thought of it this way?

“Whenever you have to make a decision for the highest good, after articulating your intention that it be so, take that leap of faith!  Your faith in truth, beauty, and goodness won’t be disappointed.  Even in the direst of circumstances, brave acts of faith will disentangle you from whatever doubts and insecurities hamper your forward progress.

“It may seem to you that leaps of faith are high risk.  However, I am always here to catch you in the safety net of My Embrace.  Your sincere faith deeply moves My Heart, and I can move mountains for you.  Isn’t it what a devoted parent does, quickly compensating for any shortcoming of his child? 

“Each leap of faith you take becomes a launching pad toward your next spiritual achievement. Without the fuel of faith, no growth can take place. Have you ever wondered about the many leaps of faith Jesus took--before, during, and after His life in the flesh?  Do you realize how high they have propelled Him?  Isn't it a powerful incentive for you to follow His glorious lead?”