Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “It is quite evident that negative emotions are energetic vampires. Those who obsess about unresolved past situations or worry about the future become energetically drained. In fact, a handshake can act as an accurate reading of someone’s energetic level. A soft handshake is a telltale of a depleted energetic quota, while a strong one tells much about someone’s positive vital forces and can-do spirit.

“The onset of a new year is an adequate opportunity to recap what unfolded in your life during the previous ‘season’ of your life’s episodes. This introspective process can become the first entry in your new diary—the recap where you perform a full-disclosure audit as to how you fared according to the heartfelt intentions you had formulated for your personal growth.  

“How did you manage your emotional energies? How was your overall health? Your physical performance depends much on your mental and emotional states. Whenever life dealt you a blow, were you able to quickly regain your emotional footing? Do you go through life as a ‘hopeless optimist’ or a pessimist in need of a make-over?

“Optimism is a premium emotional fuel, as you expect positive outcomes, and each one of them reinforces your positive attitude. On the other hand, a pessimist is already setting himself up for defeat and disappointments, thus living life as a victim of circumstances rather than an ‘emotional weed whacker’ that effectively prevents the spreading of invasive emotional weeds. 

“One of the pillars of positive life experience is to carefully monitor your emotional swings to quickly regroup and steer away from the subtle entrapments of depression intent at robbing you from many emotional and spiritual highs.

“An attitude of gratitude is the best emotional habiliment you could adopt, as it will make you invincible emotionally. It will train you to quickly detect the silver lining in any cloudy formation—as there is always one. It will take you out of a mode of emotional resistance to propel you into one of trusting allowance. By doing so, your emotional batteries will be constantly recharged by your solar-powered emotions, and you will live in an energy-saving mode that will support your highest good.”