Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 9, 2021

“Prolonged fasting, either physical or spiritual tends to destroy hunger.” [UB 140:5:8]

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings seeded on Planet Earth replenish their physical energies by a regular intake of nutrient-rich aliments. They thus cater to the smooth-running and lubrication of their current experiential vehicle—the state-of-the-art, irreplaceable body on loan for the duration of their planetary sojourn.

Your body chauffeurs you through the twists and turns of life. As a humble servant, it should take its driving instruction from its on-board GPS [God Positioning System], thus keeping you safe and sound. A brazen disregard of the legitimate pecking order constitutes a regrettable breach of its sacred duties, causing it to spin out of control toward a dangerous dead-end. 

When on track, your spirit will bid farewell to its temporary living quarters at the official termination of its lease.  Beware of potentially toxic lifestyles that soil your carnal receptacle, aging it prematurely. They provoke handicapping aches and pains that keep you stuck in an idling mode in the here and now for all the wrong reasons.

Those who fail to recognize that they are a spiritual being having an earthly experience operate at the sensory surface of things, failing to scout for the ethereal nutrients essential to eternal survival.  Affection-deprived infants waste away.  Love is the divine substance that feeds the embryonic soul—its royal jelly. Those undernourished emotionally and spiritually lack zest for life, which results in chronic depression.

A prolonged spiritual fast will be terminal if you persist in starving your anorexic soul. Establish a healthy spiritual regimen. Come to Me daily to partake in the rejuvenating spiritual break-fast I will have concocted for you as I constantly monitor your vital signs.

Do not foolishly dismiss your spiritual hunger pangs.  By growing a healthy spiritual appetite, you will soon notice a decrease in your binges for ‘comfort food.’  Comfort for what?  How could indulging in your favorite treats ever compensate for your emotional and spiritual deficits?”