Oregon, US of A
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “What is your most precious possession when viewed from the perspective of eternal life? It is most certainly your embryonic soul—the part of you still in a gestational state. Your evolving soul will be the next generation of you, as its destiny is to be born in the hereafter with your spiritual DNA—your personality markers. If you adequately cater to its growth needs during your earthly incarnation, it will emerge in the afterlife as a healthy soul through the birth canal of the process of death— “the technique of escape from the bonds of flesh.” [UB 55:2:8]

A pregnant woman honors the child of the promise growing in her womb by refraining from any harmful behaviors that could prevent it from thriving in her temperature-controlled uterus, conceived as a state-of-the-art peaceful oasis for its 9-month residency. She wants to provide her child with a head start—lovingly putting the odds in its favor.

Your soul thrives when you cater to its spiritual needs, as it is spiritual by nature. So many human souls are withering away due to gross neglect of their essential needs for sustainability. The oxygen of the soul is a balanced combination of truth, beauty, and goodness. From that perspective, if you entertain base emotions, you are committing soul abuse. A traumatized soul is at high risk of being aborted by its carrier—you. Indeed, you are the one determining your soul’s life expectancy.”