Oregon, US of A
Friday, September 18, 2020


Willpower is the ability to control one’s actions, emotions, and urges.

Thought Adjuster: “Unquestionably, the will is a power that sets things into motion.  Faced with their unproductivity, many justify their apathy by pointing the finger at their lack of willpower that ‘makes them’ abort worthwhile pursuits.

How then can you upgrade the quality of your willpower from substandard to premium? Here are a few tips:

1 – Live purposefully: set realistic personal goals and go after them with determination and due diligence. 

2 – Come up with an intelligent action plan.

3 - Implement it with courage, perseverance, and self-discipline.

4 – Synergize your willpower with the revitalizing force of love—thus making it passionate. You will then ride on the coattail of the love-infused and all-pervasive divine resolve and benefit from its strong drafting effect.

Drafting is an essential technique in road racing.  As the bicyclist moves through the air, he produces a turbulent wake behind himself.  Its vortices generate a low-pressure area behind him and an area of wind that moves along.  By moving into the wind behind the front bicyclist, you can gain an advantage, as the low pressure and the eddies push you forward. Drafting helps both the leader and the follower, as they put out less energy to cover the same distance. A peloton of cyclists can save up to 40 percent in energy expenditures.

Shouldn’t God wear the yellow jersey in your collective long-distance race toward the finish line of eternity? By sporting his team' s winning colors, you will undoubtedly work your way toward the front of the pack and, cheered up by your progress, experience a drastic upward surge in willpower and self-respect."