Wednesday, February 12, 2020

“The morality of the religions of evolution drives men forward in the God quest by the motive power of fear. The religions of revelation allure men to seek for a God of love because they crave to become like him.”  [UB 5:4:1]

Thought Adjuster: “The Heavenly Father combines two techniques to lead humankind back into the loving safety of His Vast Fold.  The first one could be compared to acquiring the herding services of a loyal Border Collie to circle the herd of sheep and nudge them in the right direction. The intelligent Border Collie has a commanding presence over the scattered and clueless flock.

“Once the flock is back into the safety of the sheep-pen, the Shepherd takes over where the dog successfully left off.  Now that He has regained the full custody of His charges, He showers them with affection, thus successfully transmuting their initial fearful attitude into one of trustful surrender to the irresistible magnetic pull of His Love.

“On your planet, it has taken multiple ‘epochal revelations’ to expand on the reality—not just the concept—of Divine Love.  Little by little, humankind wisens up through the incremental disclosure of empowering truth, becoming better equipped for transhumance from the fetters of religious slavery to the green pastures of the spiritual promised land where Love flows like golden honey, sweetening their daily fare.

“The question to ask yourself is, “How far along am I in my transhumance?”  Am I still fear-ridden, operating merely in a survivalist mode?  Or am I love-driven, striving to expand the outreach of my awakening heart?

“You can be sure of one thing:  The Father will treat you individually in a similar fashion as He deals with the herd mentality.  He will resourcefully draw positive dividends from the negative connotation of your fear. He will help you cross over the all-transformative threshold of Love.  His Love will register deeply both in your mind and heart.  It will flood your human circuitry with its positive charge.  It will augment your voltage by blending into your Life Force, significantly stepping up the impact of your life.”