Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 7, 2021

“The God-knowing man describes his spiritual experiences, not to convince unbelievers, but for the edification and mutual satisfaction of believers.”  [UB, 1:6.6]

Thought Adjuster: “An excellent way to assess the state of your spiritual life is whether it leads you to intimate encounters with the Divine.  God IS Spirit—and so are you.  It is your common ground and, therefore, your meeting place. Thus, the need to set aside regular slices of time to exclusively dedicate to the divine Presence that dwells right within you and to surrender body, heart, and soul to its leadings. 

You wish to share with receptive ears any life-changing epiphanies—remarkable happenstances in your inner world.  Who then comes to mind as worthy of your confidences?  Most likely, those who are on a similar quest and who would wholeheartedly applaud your enlightenment, as it will catalyze their search.

An undeniable spiritual experience validates first-hand that you are on the right track.  You will commemorate it with gratitude.

Religious ‘communities’ should act as a bee-hive—the natural environment for collecting spiritual Royal Jelly (a substance secreted by honeybee workers and fed by them to larvae raised as potential queen bees.) Soul-felt testimonies about personal encounters with Spirit will cater to the whole organism. 

Your humble recounting of personal breakthroughs will encourage others not to quit prematurely. It will impart a new meaning to the term ‘church service.’  Haven’t you noticed the collective spiritual highs people experience when sharing relevant spiritual information? It is what feeds your soul.”