Oregon, US of A
Friday, September 4, 2020

 “There are only two levels of relative sovereignty on an inhabited world: the spiritual free will of the individual mortal and the collective sovereignty of mankind as a whole.”  [UB 134:5:2]

Thought Adjuster: “Which type of sovereign are you?  Are you in control of your inner life— ‘free-willingly’ making enlightened decisions that reflect your ‘response-ability’ toward yourself and others?  Such are the attributes of divine sovereignty that support the cosmic welfare while never infringing on free-will prerogatives.

You have individual rights and liberties.  If correctly asserted, they will not clash with the collective rights of humankind.  It is society’s most significant challenge to make each part seamlessly fit within the whole.  It is doable, provided that all decisions—from the individual to the collective level—abide by seven core values: the nuts and bolts of the Golden Rule.  Do your resolutions support the livelihood and quality of life of present and future generations while providing equal personal development opportunities?  Are they ‘governed’ by feelings of empathy, compassion, and love for humanity and your environment? 

By making such enlightened decisions, you can honestly say that you are correctly exercising your right to self-determination without clashing with the collective sovereignty.  You are morally and spiritually ‘correct’—a term used to describe language, policies, or measures intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society.

Because of your free-will privilege, you determine the style of system that governs your life. Is it an unfeeling narcissistic dictatorship that deprives others of their God-given liberties to illegitimately bring them under your yoke?  Or a peaceful apprenticeship in a productive collaboration that resorts to brain-, heart- and soul-storming to come up with ‘soul-utions’ that bless all while promoting their soul growth?”