Oregon, US of A
Sunday, December 22, 2019

“You cannot put spiritual joy under a microscope…” [UB 196:3:18]

Thought Adjuster: Fear is the worst motivator of all.  In fact, it demotivates you or leads you to take the least recommendable course of action, as it is coercive and debilitating. Happy and effective individuals are those motivated by the highest emotional frequencies there is—Love.  The love of right doing adds the element of joy and passion to someone’s life.

“None of the bodily symptoms associated with fear are pleasant:  sweaty palms, goosebumps, shivers, hair standing on the back of the neck, racing heart, shakiness, and more.  They can negatively impact health if they are given free reins for too long.

“Shyness is a subtle form of fear.  Its victims ‘shy away’ from taking assertive action and yielding to the positive impulses of their heart.  They are ‘afraid’ of stepping in the limelight, thus becoming a possible target for hard-to-take criticism.   Therefore, courage is the element that gets the individual unstuck and activated.  It is the inner urge that tells you to ignore the negative innuendos of fear and listen to the ‘en-courage-ment’ of your Divine Cheerleader, Who knows of the rich territories that will present themselves once you turn your back to fear.

“What a feeling of liberation it is, to move forward and follow your calling—the universal calling of Love in Action!  It is rewarded with joy, personal satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment.  Right-doing leads to internal harmony, as it wins the inner tug-of-war:  No longer do you self-talk in ‘should’ or ‘should not.’

“Each moment of your life could be like the bead of a rosary—it could be lived as a prayer.  Yours is to decide the impact of such a prayer.  Are you reciting your rosary by rote or are you focusing on each individual bead with the desire to empower them with heartfelt intentions followed by meaningful action?  Surely, here and there, you may relax your attention span and get side-tracked by some life occurrences.  Yet, as you notice these time-out episodes, you learn to regroup and reapply your consciousness to each present moment so that they do not get squandered. 

“Time is a precious currency made of the pennies of seconds, the nickels of minutes, the quarters of hours, etc.  In spite of the widespread opinion that pennies are expendable, such is not the case.  Millionaires are those who succeed in accumulating vast quantities of pennies.  Each fortune is made one penny at a time.

“The same goes for the use of your time.  Each nanosecond leads you closer to or further away from your eternal destination.   By valuing each moment of your day, you get to greatly appreciate the value of your life.  Soon enough, you will no longer need to use the beads of your rosary as a reminder.  Your life will become both the prayer and the offering.”