Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “There is nothing more that I wish for you than to receive the insights you solicit.  I hear your pleas for understanding.  I feel your inner anguish when things occur that put you at risk of being confused or destabilized.

“However, I can only provide you with subtle nudges and clues, as you have to come to your conclusions.  Such is the experiential process. Do keep in mind that whatever you are going through can turn out to be an effective teaching modality if you succeed in maintaining a positive attitude.  At least, it provides you with a Progress Report of sorts.

“There are blind corners in the human psyche due to personal history.  Once removed, you often wonder what took you so long.  Such delays may have been necessary so as not to override the time requirements for you to make a shift.  Too soon might be just as ineffective as too late. 

“I do monitor your inner readiness and, yours willing, help you gain more clarity as to what has been or is puzzling you.  I AM patient, and I AM loving.  You can count on it.  However, I also AM in the know of the skills you need to develop to fit snuggly in the Divine Matrix for YOUR existence.  The clock is ticking, and I want to assist you in earning many dividends from your earthly foundational career.  It is the reason why you may feel at times that life is out to get you. 

“By going within and asking the most pertinent “why” questions, you will eventually get a more general understanding.  It is the reason why there is so much celebratory joy ‘above as below’ when you bravely and diligently tackle stumbling blocks.”